Specter Defense Full Assault Package Vest (FAPV-GEN4) Coyote with 6 free pouches

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This is a full combat-ready plate carrier that will bring comfort and full durability in the toughest situations either on deployments, training, downrange, or domestic use. Made with the best available material to keep the cost and quality balanced, It can have soft armor panels as well as SAPI plates. 3D mesh with padding for advanced comfort and air circulation between the body and the carrier. 3 x MOLLE Dual mag pouches for six 5.56 or 7.62 mags.
It comes with a radio/pistol pouch, double pistol admin pouch, and a utility pouch.
Cummerbund with new on vest modification can be used standalone instead of side panels with extra removable loop Velcro.

Large holds 11×14 Plates | Medium holds 10×12 or 9.5×12.5 Plates

SD Carrier setup with on vest modification.
Comes with 6 pouches as seen in the picture

May include a free MOLLE cummerbund*

Note: No Armor is included in the sale!

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Medium, Large

3 reviews for Specter Defense Full Assault Package Vest (FAPV-GEN4) Coyote with 6 free pouches

  1. Nolan W Nash (verified owner)

    As the first review I’ll be as thorough as possible:
    1. it will hold 10×12 plates in the front pouch and back pouch no problem. There are two different plate sized holders that velcro closed. I think the difference is for SAPI plates as one compartment as a little more room for them comparative to the secondary one that will hold steel plates.
    2. The molle pouches included are pretty much what anyone else needs for anything, I did find placing two 5.56/.223 mags in the front pouches in a stack extremely difficult the first few times but got easier the more I shoved them in and took them out in a repeat process. (There is elastic on these pouches.)
    3. There is a front admin pouch there the front velcro patch is where you can place patches and the velcro underneath is also molle webbing.
    4. I believe I did receive a cummerbund with mine? as seen in the picture it wraps around it fully where you can place 6×6 plates inside, but you can flip a 8×6 to make it longer and more filled out but I couldn’t find anywhere online where its curved in an 8×6 rather a 6×8.
    5. The pistol holster included is relatively standard, very nice additive for what it is, most molle pistol holsters run $75 and above for something nice.
    6. The shoulder straps are adjustable with, you guessed it, velcro! they are pretty long for me (I purchased a medium FAPV.) They come off with a lot of force and can be separated from the back portion of the carrier if need be cleaned. Also comes with a padded shoulder piece that goes on top the straps with more molle and elastic on the outside of the straps.
    7. You get a small little pouch that is also molle and has 6 elastic holders inside the said pouch in the size of an IFAK but does not come with medical accessories.
    8. There are molle strings attached that have elastic on the sides that can be untied and moved elsewhere.
    9. The rear portion also has a velcro place you can place patches that say police or security with a sewn in grab handle if you go down. (if need be, I do not recommend using those patches unless you are authorized personnel as that is a federal crime for impersonating law enforcement.)
    10. There are elastic straps you can on the interior side of the vest that acts as a tightening agent you put on the inside of the cummerbund. Think padded insides from vest-elastic strap for fit-cummerbund.
    11. This is standard size molle so anything real molle will work I purchased a fox tactical advanced dump pouch and it fits perfectly on the molle.
    12. I am a very small person roughly 5’9″ with a waist of 29″ weighing 150 pounds. It is somewhat of an issue to get a snug fit that won’t feel flimsy on my person maybe some sort of strap or more elastic like with the cummerbund would help a person like me but obviously it wasn’t built for that haha.
    13. Lots of extra double sided soft adhesive velcro for stacking with the elastic cummerbund strips or other items you feel the purpose for.
    14. They give you a black bag with everything inside it’s pretty cool has their logo on it and the size/color you purchased your item in. Cleaning instructions are on the insides of the plate holder portion of the carrier.
    15. For what this is and the quality I’d say this is the best bang for your buck purchase N/A you get 6 molle mag pouches, a pistol holster, an ifak sized pouch, a front admin pouch, a cummerbund, and a carrying bag. This is real cordura fabric it smells like polyester and nylon when you get it. I will say something I did notice was their ebay store was based in New York, New York but I ordered from this site and I got it from Pakistan->United Arab Emirates->US. Not too sure what that is about but the patches on the inside with the cleaning instructions says “Specter Defense USA” with a small america flag.

  2. Dino (verified owner)

    I can honestly say this was one of the easiest purchases for a plate carrier I’ve ever had. After being jerked around by AR500, I decided to go a different route, and I am so glad that I did. The quality of my FAPV-GEN4 is way better than the AR500 I owned before. It also came with full accessories like mag pouches, IFAK pouch, and a radio pouch. Adjustments to fit were quick and easy if you’ve worked with MOLLE, but even if you haven’t, it’s easy to figure out. I put RMA ceramic level IV in it and the fit is great. If you adjust it right for fitment, it’s like wearing nothing at all. One side of the cummerbund has a strap for adjustment but I super glued that in place to use as a handle when removing the velcro to take the vest off. Dead simple operation and easy to don and remove the vest. You will not be disappointed with purchasing this product. The customer service is above and beyond. Specter Defense has earned a life-long customer here.

  3. Clark S.

    pure quality. love this carrier.

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