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EOTech AN/PEQ-2A Infrared Aiming Laser and IR Illuminator Light ITP-500C-A2

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EOTech 's AN/PEQ-2A IR Aiming Laser and Illuminator Flashlight ITP-500C-A2 is a dual beam multi-function weapon-mounted IR aiming laser (aiming sight) and illuminator Green Laser Sights for use on rifles and carabines with Picatinny Rail. EOTech laser sight of EOTech AN/PEQ-2A target Pointer / Illuminator / Aiming Light used for aiming the gun and EOTech Light of EOTech AN/PEQ-2A Laser/Flashlight Combo used for illuminating a Green Laser Sights. This battle-tested EOTech ITP-500C-A2 lasersight / flashlight device AN / PEQ 2A provides NVG-equipped operators a tremendous advantage in lowlight confrontations.image

Features of EOTech AN / PEQ 2A Battery IR Laser Aiming Device & Illuminator Flashlight Combo:

  • The US Military Standard for Night Direct Fire
  • IR Aiming Laser for First Shot Hit Capability
    • Range >2,000 Meters
    • IR Illuminator for target Detection
    • Adjustable Beam (Spot to Flood)