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Specter Defense Full Assault Package Vest (FAPV-GEN4) Black Multicam Plate Carrier

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This is a full combat-ready plate carrier that will bring comfort and full durability in the toughest situations either on deployments, training, downrange, or domestic use. Made with the best available material (made with Cordura 500d) to keep the cost and quality balanced, It can have soft armor panels as well as SAPI plates. 3D mesh with padding for advanced comfort and air circulation between the body and the carrier.
Cummerbund with new on vest modification can be used standalone instead of side panels with extra removable loop Velcro.

Large holds 11x14 Plates | Medium holds 10x12 or 9.5x12.5 Plates

SD Multicam Carrier setup with on vest modification.

SD Carrier setup with on vest modification.
Comes with 6 pouches as seen in the picture