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Adam Mulling
Adam Mulling
Quick service and quality product and received quick enough to setup before plates arrived
Casey Barber
Casey Barber
Quality carrier, Price,fast response from company,and shipping was quick.I recently purchased from these guys and... was a bit Skeptical, but when i received my carriers/vest I was quite surprised at the quality and comfort of it, even with a full combat load, every stays where it should and can be worn for extended periods of time and the ventilation seems pretty good.im 6'3 305 and this vest has been great so far, I ordered the +1HR vestin Lmy only dislike is the quick realease molle straps, My personal preference is the snap traditional snap version, but the quick realease straps makes for quick interchangeability for different pouches .I look forward to doing business in the future and definitely recommend Specter Defense .read more
Nolan Nash
Nolan Nash
1. it will hold 10×12 plates in the front pouch and back pouch no problem. There are two different plate sized holders... that velcro closed. I think the difference is for SAPI plates as one compartment as a little more room for them comparative to the secondary one that will hold steel plates.2. The molle pouches included are pretty much what anyone else needs for anything, I did find placing two 5.56/.223 mags in the front pouches in a stack extremely difficult the first few times but got easier the more I shoved them in and took them out in a repeat process. (There is elastic on these pouches.)3. There is a front admin pouch there the front velcro patch is where you can place patches and the velcro underneath is also molle webbing.4. I believe I did receive a cummerbund with mine? as seen in the picture it wraps around it fully where you can place 6×6 plates inside, but you can flip a 8×6 to make it longer and more filled out but I couldn’t find anywhere online where its curved in an 8×6 rather a 6×8.5. The pistol holster included is relatively standard, very nice additive for what it is, most molle pistol holsters run $75 and above for something nice.6. The shoulder straps are adjustable with, you guessed it, velcro! they are pretty long for me (I purchased a medium FAPV.) They come off with a lot of force and can be separated from the back portion of the carrier if need be cleaned. Also comes with a padded shoulder piece that goes on top the straps with more molle and elastic on the outside of the straps.7. You get a small little pouch that is also molle and has 6 elastic holders inside the said pouch in the size of an IFAK but does not come with medical accessories.8. There are molle strings attached that have elastic on the sides that can be untied and moved elsewhere.9. The rear portion also has a velcro place you can place patches that say police or security with a sewn in grab handle if you go down. (if need be, I do not recommend using those patches unless you are authorized personnel as that is a federal crime for impersonating law enforcement.)10. There are elastic straps you can on the interior side of the vest that acts as a tightening agent you put on the inside of the cummerbund. Think padded insides from vest-elastic strap for fit-cummerbund.11. This is standard size molle so anything real molle will work I purchased a fox tactical advanced dump pouch and it fits perfectly on the molle.12. I am a very small person roughly 5’9″ with a waist of 29″ weighing 150 pounds. It is somewhat of an issue to get a snug fit that won’t feel flimsy on my person maybe some sort of strap or more elastic like with the cummerbund would help a person like me but obviously it wasn’t built for that haha.13. Lots of extra double sided soft adhesive velcro for stacking with the elastic cummerbund strips or other items you feel the purpose for.14. They give you a black bag with everything inside it’s pretty cool has their logo on it and the size/color you purchased your item in. Cleaning instructions are on the insides of the plate holder portion of the carrier.15. For what this is and the quality I’d say this is the best bang for your buck purchase N/A you get 6 molle mag pouches, a pistol holster, an ifak sized pouch, a front admin pouch, two pistol mags, a cummerbund, and a carrying bag. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez
I bought the cayote brown I highly recommend this company you can’t beat the price for the quality and service they are... highly professional and dedicated great customer service highly recommend 20 out of 10read more
Vlad Ilyus
Vlad Ilyus
Very pleased with the material and quality of the vest. Customer service and shipping was excellent. Talked to... suppliers about possible plates to use with the vest that they were able to recommend in terms of weight and preference.Would give a 6 out of 5 if that was possible. Highly recommend.read more
Mickey Traub
Mickey Traub
Incredibly well built, durable, and felt great to wear. Easy to move in and easy to pack. Very recommended.
Robert Wade
Robert Wade
Strong and reliable product that is adjustable. With a fast delivery time in response of what's currently going on.😄

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