About Us

Specter Defense is a tactical gear store serving the community with quality gear since 2018. Specter Defense is an established and reputable store with major sales in the United States, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates markets. Specter Defense has warehouse in United Arab Emirates to serve international community with ease of movement.

Our Mission

Specter Defense manufactures and provides the highest quality tactical items in order to provide the tactical community including our brave service members and law enforcement agencies with top tactical products that meet and exceed the demands of those brave personnel whom’s lives depend on their gear. We understand your life depends on your gear so we put extra effort to make sure you don't die due to our gear!!!! , have the “Edge” with Specter Defense

For general inquiries: specterdefense@hotmail.com



Address: Specter Defense
2nd floor, plaza 57, Block G, Dha ph1 54000, Lahore, Pk
VAT ID: 3520185230597

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